Morning - Part 1

Speakers: Susan Karamanian; Otto Licks; Regis Arslanian; Luiz Alberto Figueiredo and Harold C. Wegner

Morning - Part 2

Speakers: Nuno Carvalho; Liliane Roriz, Aluisio Mendes; Ryuichi Shitara and Randall Rader


Speakers: Susan Karamanian and Alvir Hoffman

Afternoon - Part 1

Speakers: Luiza Cotia; Ricardo Nunes and Carlos Aboim

Afternoon - Part 2

Speakers: Rodrigo Maior; Nuno Carvalho; Carlos Aboim and Martin Adelman

Keynote Speakers

Ambassador of Brazil to the United States

His Excellency
Luiz Alberto Figueiredo Machado

Luiz Alberto Figueiredo Machado

Deputy CEO and Executive Vice-President of FEBRABAN (Brazilian Federation of Banks)

Alvir Hoffmann

Alvir Hoffmann



  • Burnett Family Professorial Lecturer in International and Comparative Law and Policy Associate Dean for International and Comparative Legal Studies George Washington University Law School

Associate Dean Susan L. Karamanian

  • Partner at Licks Attorneys

Otto Licks

  • President of The Naples Roundtable, Inc.

Harold C. Wegner

  • Ambassador

Regis P. Arslanian

  • Partner at Licks Attorneys

Nuno Carvalho

  • Partner at Licks Attorneys

    Former Federal Judge of the 21st Rio de Janeiro Judiciary Section Court
    Former Appellate Judge of the Federal Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit

Liliane Roriz

  • Brazilian Federal Appellate Judge

  • Aluisio Mendes

Aluisio Mendes

  • Chief Judge of the IP High Court

Ryuichi Shitara

  • Former Chief Judge of US CAFC

Randall Rader

  • Science And Patent Specialists

  • Luiza Cotia

Luiza Cotia

  • Partner at Licks Attorneys

Ricardo Nunes

  • Partner at Licks Attorneys

Carlos Aboim

  • Partner at Licks Attorneys

Rodrigo Maior

  • Theodore and James Pedas Family Professor of Intellectual Property and Technology Law;
    Co-Director of the Intellectual Property Law Program;
    Co-Director of the Dean Dinwoodey Center for Intellectual Property

Prof. Martin J. Adelman


Thu., May 12, 2016

The George Washington University Law School
2000 H Street - Moot Court Room
NW Washington, DC 20052

A cocktail will follow the event
Thu., May 12, 2016

Brazilian Ambassador’s Residence
3000 Massachusetts Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008