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Prevail | Licks Attorney´s monthly newsletter
A word from our managing partner
We are pleased to introduce “Prevail”, Licks Attorneys monthly newsletter. This is a collaborative effort from our team to provide significant news and information on leading cases in our main practice areas: litigation, prosecution and counseling on Intellectual Property, Food & Drug and Antitrust Law.

We are proud of the quality of our specialized practice and for being recognized as one of the elite litigation firms in Brazil. We understand this publication expresses our appreciation to our clients and the community. “Prevail” is one of the ways we found to say thank you.

Litigation in Brazil is often compared to a combat sport. Being well informed and updated has always been part of our relentless preparation to provide excellence in services. We rely on our skills and experience in the courtroom, as well as on our significant investments in research and business intelligence, to be involved in some of the most sophisticated disputes in the country. When results matter most, clients know we deliver.

We thank you in advance for interacting with us with comments or referring additional colleagues to subscribe our newsletter. Please feel free to contact our editorial team and authors at info@lickslegal.com.
Renewed hope for the patent system: a stop to the PTO’s inconstancy
The Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) is notorious for its backlog and the slow pace at which it operates... More
Brazilian Courts recognize pharmaceutical companies’ right to use trademarks in vaccines
The Syndicate of the Pharmaceutical Products Industry of São Paulo (SINDUSFARMA) has obtained ... More
Partnerships for Productive Development in Brazil: inside the latest changes in the PDP program
Right after President Dilma Roussef’s reelection for another four-year term, the Ministry of Health (MoH) issued ... More
Civil Procedure Code ready to enter in force
After almost 5 years being discussed in Congress, the new Brazilian Civil Procedure Code (“CPC”) was finally approved. The final text was accepted on December 17, 2014 and the Bill is waiting for ... More
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FEB 5-6
Louis Lozouet, associate at Licks Attorneys, will attend the 20ème Forum Européen de la Propriété Intellectuelle
FEB 9-10
Otto Licks will speak at the Naples Midwinter Patent Law Experts Conference
FEB 24
Liliane Roriz, partner at Licks Attorneys, will participate in a panel discussion at International Women’s Leadership Forum
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