Licks Attorneys believes in teamwork and good use of technology to provide the best possible service to our clients. It is our view that great human material allied with efficient methods results in excellence.

In order to achieve that quality, we have put a lot of time and effort into assembling the very best professionals in a wide range of different areas. Therefore, when we work on a case, we can count on attorneys highly specialized in each practice area as well as full-time advisors and consultants from areas varying from pharmacy, engineering to biotechnology.

We also recognize, as a law firm, the importance of organization and technology in our day-to-day activities. With that in mind, our professionals have access to resources that help properly organize and secure documents conveniently through a safe paper filing system as well as electronically, instant and direct communication and the ability to produce and present visual aids to help inform our clients on any matter. Moreover, we are always forward thinking; so, as you read this, someone on the team will already be thinking about another, better way to do the job and anticipate the clients’ needs.


As the world grows increasingly integrated due to globalization and new communication technologies, companies expand their businesses worldwide. But expansion means not only wider market possibilities, but also adapting to different cultures and, therefore, different legal systems. Systems that, in many cases, need to be improved.

Licks Attorneys, as a Brazilian law firm, believes there is a contribution to be made in pushing law enforcement further in this country. Our mission is therefore to make Brazil a nation where international treaties are fully observed and the Judiciary acts are faster and more decisive when guaranteeing the rights of companies that come to operate in Brazilian territory.


History. Action. Goals. They are all key tools to building an enterprise. But at the same time hollow, if a law firm does not know what it stands for. We, at Licks Attorneys, are aware of this and cherish our values as our most effective guidelines through the busy and frequently hard day’s work.

  • Client Experience: We are dedicated to excellence and the overall client experience on all levels.
  • Excellence: Our very best efforts. Nothing less.
  • Meritocracy: The quality of work as the sole basis for achievement.
  • Innovation: Never settle for what must still be improved.
  • Social contribution: Success means nothing if you don’t share it.