Licks Attorneys enforced in all offices the recommendations put forth by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other Brazilian governmental health agencies to help slow the spread of the virus. Our main priority has always been the health, safety and wellness of our team members, community and clients.

We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic situation, working with experts to determine the proper precautions to be taken.

The Operational Plan implemented in march, 2020

We are treating the daily commute to the office as non-essential travel and instructing our members to work remotely.

We have a robust telework system in place, that counts with the high availability of all systems used at Licks Attorneys in Microsoft Azure and Amazon servers. All fully operational for all our members, as part of our ISO 9000 business continuation plan. The telework relies on the same level of security we enjoy at our offices, as part of our ISO 27000 guidelines.

We have been investing, training and preparing our systems and members for years, as part of our good practices and ISO commitments to ensure continuity of service. Working remotely – not only from home - is part of our core business model and capabilities. We will continue to have fully operational service teams to meet all needs. We were one of the first clients of the biggest videoconference platform in Brazil, as well as one of the first in the country to deploy Office365 SharePoint and Microsoft Teams to all of our members, among many other technologies.

We have the technological tools, internet bandwidth and capabilities to effectively serve our members and our clients, as all of our internal systems and files can be remotely accessed with the same security measures in place within our office. To know more about our IT capabilities, including data protection and redundancy, please see below.


Our firm has invested in information security systems and procedures since its launch. Due to their particular nature, security systems and procedures have improved to keep up with the security proceedings’ developments.

Our firm has an internal Information Security Systems Policy that covers our general security proceedings, including specific incident response, business continuity and disaster recovery plans. This Policy is updated as we constantly monitor and improve both our systems and servers. We will be glad to provide a copy of our Policy for evaluation purposes upon request.

In addition, we have implemented specific internal policies regarding our client’s data security. We can adapt to your requirements once we are given instructions with reasonable advance.  

Our document management system (DMS) iManage, is provided by one of the leading cloud-based document and management services used by law firms worldwide.  The firm’s SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution provides rapid mobility, data security and digital asset protection for organizations with high data security requirements such as ours.

Additionally, we are able to provide secure sharing files, storage service and client portals that supply a secure environment for clients and outside parties who require real-time access to relevant documents located and/or stored within our servers. We make available document files (usually *.PDF) stored in our document management system, iManageShare, delivering multi-level file encryption protects the privacy of content at rest, data in transit is encrypted to the most stringent industry standards, hosted in Cloud SOC2-certified and ISO 27000 compliant data centers which provide a level of security and monitoring. A full audit trail of all actions and comprehensive administrative reporting support regulatory and firm governance and audit requirements.

Login at iManageShare is the email address used to receive the message enclosed in the Report. Access requires each user to establish a password.

All external connectivity to our servers and files are made through secured VPN systems by using cryptography protocols to improve data security.

Protecting client information Ensuring highest standards of services


Our systems, network and devices’ availability and performance are dashboard-monitored in real time by our network
operation team.

Our web portal servers are implemented in Content Distribution Network (CDN) hosted by AWS service with high speed around the world.

All internal HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged offer high availability with virtual systems and high-speed infrastructure with hardware redundancy and deduplication solution, SSD premium storage arrays, and  built-in restore backup VM solution within 60 seconds.

Backups from Veem systems to Cloud Azure Backup Vault.

Network security Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) appliance provided by Fortinet.

Our critical system is hosted inside Microsoft’s Azure cloud virtual machines.

IP telephone system provides attorneys with mobility and voicemail messages to their own email addresses.

In-office monitoring of our equipment’s electrical sources and stability with managed and redundancy.

Local network devices by Cisco and Cat6 cabling provide gigabit speed intra-office local network.

Internet link redundancy provided by different physical means, managed by Fortinet SD-WAN automatic balance systems.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time for more information.

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