Cassio Ambrogi

Attorney At Law


+55 11 3033 3742 | +55 11 94056 2608

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Cassio Ambrogi

Attorney At Law

Cassio Augusto Ambrogi is an Attorney at Law at Licks Attorney’s São Paulo office since the beginning of 2018. Mr. Ambrogi has over 20 years of Counsel experience. Before Licks, Cassio joined other corporate law firms having worked in a large variety of litigation matters involving Brazilian companies and multinationals in different sectors. He has had the opportunity to work in different areas of law such as counterfeiting, consumer protection and telecom.

Mr. Ambrogi has also experience as a Public Legal Advisor, and has acted as a member of the Government leadership, in the Municipal Parliament of São Paulo. Mr. Ambrogi worked in bills of Municipal Laws, writing or amending them, and/or assisting in the approval processes according to the Chamber rules. Besides, Cassio has also supported the daily legal requirements of the government leader’s cabinet.

+ Languages
  • Portuguese
  • English

+ Practice Areas
  • Litigation
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Regulatory Law
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Industrial Design
  • Litigation
  • Copyright & Software
  • Plant Variety Protection
  • Regulatory
  • Life Sciences
  • Media & Entertainment
+ Representative Cases
  • Represented a multinational supermarket retailer in challenging a very substantial fine that was dramatically reduced from
    approximately 26 million Brazilian Reais to 3 million at the level of the Supreme Court of the São Paulo State;
  • Represented a large Telecom company at the level of the appeal in a class action filed by a Municipality in the State of Pernambuco to revert penalties (astreintes) of approximately 30 million Brazilian Reais;
  • Represented various clients in oral defenses at the level of Superior Court of Justice and Supreme Court of Justice;
  • Worked in a large variety of cases, of different sectors, acting in leading cases, and other complex disputes;

+ Professional Highlights
  • Mr. Ambrogi has been awarded by the founding partners of one of his previous law firms by his distinguished Article “O Direito Urbanístico e sua Contribuição para o Desenvolvimento dos Municípios” (The Urban Law and its Contribution for the Development of Municipalities) which was elected the best among his pears during the yearly Strategic Planning Off-site meeting, 2006, published and still available on the firm website.

+ Representative Experience
+ Affiliations
  • Brazilian Bar Association – São Paulo Section (OAB/SP)

+ Education
  • Fundação Getúlio Vargas – FGV/SP, 2004, MBA in Economics and Corporate Law;
  • Universidade de Taubaté – UNITAU, 1999, LL.M in Procedural Civil Law;
  • Universidade de Taubaté – UNITAU, 1996, LL.B in Law and Social Sciences.

+ Publications
  • “Mobile Virtual Network Operators (“MVNO”) – ANATEL prioriza a tão esperada regulamentação” (Mobile Virtual Network Operators (“MVNO”) – ANATEL prioritizes long-awaited regulation), July 2008;
  • “Alteração no Código de Defesa do Consumidor – Lei Padroniza o Tamanho da Fonte no Texto dos Contratos” (Change in Consumer Protection Code – Law Standardizes Font Size in Contract Text), September 2008;
  • “A Súmula Vinculante e o Poder Judiciário” (The Binding Precedent and the Judiciary), March 2007;
  • “Reformas do Código de Processo Civil – Processo de Execução de Título Judicial e Extrajudicial” (Reforms of Procedural Civil Code – Execution Process of Judicial and Extrajudicial Title), February 2007;
  • “Direito do Autor x Pirataria” (Copyright x Counterfaiting), February 2007;
  • “Cláusula de Barreira: STF Preserva o Direito das Minorias” (Barrier Clause: STF Preserves the Right of Minorities), February 2007;
  • “Aspectos Jurídicos do Patrimônio de Afetação” (Legal Aspects of Equity of Affection), July 2005;
  • “O Direito Urbanístico e sua Contribuição para o Desenvolvimento dos Municípios” (The Urban Law and its Contribution to the Development of Municipalities), November 2006;
  • “O Contrato Futuro” (The Future Contract), May 2005;
  • “Transporte Aéreo Internacional no Brasil e sua Sujeição à Convenção de Varsóvia” (International Air Transport in Brazil and its Subjection to the Warsaw Convention), April 2005.
  • “Valores Pagos Indevidamente e a Operadoras de Telefonia Móvel e a Possibilidade de Seu Ressarcimento pelos Usuários” (Amounts Paid Inaccurately and to Mobile Telephone Operators and the Possibility of Their Reimbursement by Users), April 2005.