The BRPTO reports ongoing issues with the processing of Industrial Design applications

March 12, 2024

The BRPTO reports ongoing issues with the processing of Industrial Design applications

In a recent Notice published through BRPTO’s Official Gazette #2775, dated March 12, 2024, the BRPTO informs that challenges persist due to the implementation of a new IT system, and resolutions have not been achieved.

The assessment of novelty and originality for industrial designs continues to be on hold. The BRPTO will provide an update on the estimated time for normalization as soon as possible.

As per the notice, applications will resume having their formal examinations published in the BRPTO’s Official Gazette. However, for a specific group of applications filed between December 19, 2023, and January 4, 2024, formal examinations are scheduled only until March 31, 2024.

Issues persist regarding the receipt of petitions concerning registration applications under the Hague Agreement (BR 31) and divisional applications (BR 32), rendering it impossible to submit related documents. Consequently, the deadlines for their submission remain suspended until March 31, 2024. Furthermore, the deadline for submitting certified priority documents in the Hague Agreement designations remains suspended until April 1, 2024, as outlined in a previous notice.

The BRPTO anticipates resolving the instabilities that currently hinder the viewing of information and the availability of certificates and other documents through the Buscaweb system for industrial designs by March 31, 2024.

Lastly, the notice highlights that the matter of publishing the BRPTO’s Official Gazette in XML format remains unresolved. This is why since January 31, 2024 (BRPTO’s Official Gazette #2768), publication codes have been incorporated in the Official Gazette in PDF format. The BRPTO’s full notice can be read here.