Visual elements are considered an important marketing tool, awakening the buyer’s desire for a product. The industrial design registration protects the ornamental plastic form of an object or the ornamental set of lines and colors that can be applied to a product, i.e. the commercial identity of a new product, adding value to the product, be it a pair of sneakers, a gift box, a car, household goods, in short, any consumer goods.

The industrial design registration provides its owner the right to prevent third-parties from producing, selling, using or importing a product with the same design without his consent. Licks Attorneys also stands out in this area, as we offer the best legal support and strategic counseling according to the client´s needs.

Our prosecution team provides high-quality client services, from the filing of an application to the post-grant opposition. Working together with our litigation team, we are known for our outstanding litigation practice with an exceptional rate of injunctions granted in infringement cases.

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