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In the fight against corruption, who is who in the world...

Although several governments are striving to combat and mitigate corruption and its consequences, since talking about eradicating corruption is an almost utopian task, it is important to know the world´s players in this fight.

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Corruption Perceptions Index 2019

Corruption Perceptions Index or simply CPI is an index created by a non-governmental organization named Transparency International (, which, among other purposes, has set out to monitor countries' progress in fighting corruption around the world.

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Red Flags

Red flags mean situations that deserve special attention and that must be carefully observed by managers and, mandatorily, by compliance officers and auditors. In short, they are warning signs, which should not and cannot be ignored.

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How to proceed when paying something to a Government official?

This is certainly a question that concerns many managers and even many compliance officers or even those responsible for providing guidance within an organization.

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Critical Points in the process of adapting of LGPD

On the afternoon of February 19th, 2020, a webinar was held with the topic "Critical Points in the LGDP Suitability Process". Speakers of the webinar were: Alexandre Dalmasso, responsible for the Compliance area and lawyer Douglas Leite, our data privacy leader. The speakers used their experience in LGPD compliance projects to draw the audience's attention to the critical success factors in implementing a similar project.

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How all start

My name is Alexandre Dalmasso,  I have a law degree specializing in compliance. I started to interact with issues related to ethics and compliance in 2002, but only in 2005 is when I started to work totally dedicated to the topic. In Brazil, the topic called the attention of countless professionals over the past few years with the rampant growth of several training and certification courses, which is a great indicator for a country that has been trying to get rid of the taint of corruption in order to allow the sustained growth of the economy and foster the increase in employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

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