Ever since the rumors of financial scandals occurred at the beginning of the new millennium, the compliance culture has spread to large corporations in the form of compliance programs and in the hiring of Compliance Officers, making it easier to consolidate cultures.

Despite distinguishing an environment of ethics and integrity, compliance establishes a culture of example. The organization’s leaders play a fundamental role in cultivating a culture of compliance and its integration.

Recent examples show that organizations with the absence or deficiency of a compliance culture or governance, are faded to risks that, depending on the size of the organization, could cause the loss of billions of dollars.

Considering the challenges to implement a governance of the compliance program, Licks Attorneys has all the resources and tools to map any organization, identify needs to make governance and compliance programs solid, and deliver taylor-made solutions.

Our compliance services are directed to companies, non-profit organizations, public agencies or entities of direct or indirect administration, prioritizing the partnership with Compliance Officers, or company nominated Champions, favoring the correction of inadequate processes and establishing a solid compliance culture.

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