We have one of the most sophisticated practice in Brazil. Our team follows every single change in the technological landscape and how legal structures might impact the business.

Our specialist teams advise both large and small business on everything relating to cyber law and data protection, including regulatory compliance, global standards, external and internal security threats, corporate governance and infrastructure, and intellectual property.

We are at the vanguard of litigating privacy and cybersecurity in Brazil. We represent clients in large disputes over data protection. We counsel tech-sector companies from Silicon Valley and China, as well as Brazilian start up. We are assisting companies in one of the largest retail data breaches in Brazil.

Our group helps both emerging and established companies succeed domestically in a complex regulatory and technological environment.

When it comes to internet and data regulatory matters, Licks Attorneys advises clients to ensure compliance with the ever-expanding body of international and local rules and regulations. We maintain our knowledge up-to-date and regularly update clients on changes which affect them.

We advise clients on how to store, process and manage data to remain compliant. Our attorneys work with clients on matters including marketing practices, eCommerce, regulatory investigations, incident response plans, and draft policies and procedures.

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