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Our Impact

We work on projects concerning top clients and industry leaders. Within this dynamic environment, we not only shape our firm's success, but also exert a significant influence to generate a transformative impact on society through our activities. Engaging with these renowned clients not only challenges us to achieve exceptional standards of excellence but also provides a unique opportunity to act as agents of change on a broader scale.

Personal and Professional Development

Licks Attorneys is committed to investing in continuous team development by offering resources, training, and learning opportunities that go beyond the conventional. Here, we help to build strong careers and support personal growth. If you are looking for a place where your potential is recognized, this is the best firm to expand your skills and achieve your goals.

Excellence Driven by Infrastructure and Technology

Licks Attorneys stands out for taking a technology-driven approach, positioning itself as an innovative law firm in this field. Our excellence is the result of the integration of specialized legal knowledge with mastery of the latest technological trends, which allow us to offer effective and personalized solutions. We have invested in a state-of-the-art infrastructure to meet the ever-changing challenges of the field. Our vision is to create a legal ecosystem that meets today's demands, as well as anticipates and adapts to future adversities.


Licks attorneys has the most renowned attorneys in the industry for their expertise in handling complex cases and their ability to develop new legal theories in cases that have pioneered over the past 20 years. Our professionals have an excellent track record handling not only intellectual property disputes, but also several other law fields, offering precise and efficient solutions to a wide range of legal challenges in Brazil.


Licks Attorneys boasts the largest group of patent specialists in Brazil and holds the unique distinction of being the sole law firm in South America recognized as an appraiser of essential patents by IPEC (International Patent Evaluation Consortium). Our multidisciplinary team, aligned with cutting-edge technology and world-class infrastructure, assists clients across diverse fields of knowledge in both international and national markets.

Social Responsibility

In line with our dedication to Social Responsibility, Licks Attorneys has partnered with 3 organizations, reaffirming our commitment to the community:

Gamboa Ação: A non-profit organization, providing assistance to children at risk in the port region of Rio de Janeiro through donations and participation in voluntary actions on significant dates such as World Health Day, Charity Day, Children's Day, and Christmas.

Editora InVerso: Promoting an annual distribution of books for children in different regions of Brazil through a program called Aconchego Literário.

Darcy Vargas Foundation (FDV): Contributing to the development of educational, physical, and cultural activities for local children and teenagers. Additionally, our support for the institution includes the hiring of teenagers for part-time work through the federal program "Jovem Aprendiz".

Diversity & Inclusion

Licks Attorneys recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion, which is evident in our diverse team. We take pride in showcasing several initiatives implemented to cultivate a more inclusive culture.

For instance, in order to ensure that the hiring of new members is done fairly and equitably, we use a platform for blind hiring that strips away all identifiable characteristics unrelated to the job or to the experience required for the position, including race, identity, gender, age, religion, or sexual orientation. This ensures that the assessment of candidates is based solely on their skills and knowledge, removing subjective factors that could influence decision making.

Gender equality is part of Licks Attorneys' DNA: thanks to equal opportunities for internal growth, more than half of our management positions are held by women. Since 2020, Licks Attorneys has promoted and welcomed nine new partners, four of which are women.

Licks Attorneys has also implemented a new policy on maternity leave, extending it to six months (two beyond what is mandatory under Brazilian law), and on paternity leave, extending it to up to 20 days (in contrast to the 5 days required by law in Brazil). These initiatives are part of an ambitious agenda to transform our professional culture.

We also engage in unique initiatives such as celebrating International Women's Day by raising awareness among our female professionals on the importance of maintaining good mental health and nutrition practices.

Reflecting our dedication, our partner and retired Appellate Judge Liliane Roriz was recognized with the WIPR Diversity Award. Ms. Roriz was honored as a Diversity Champion in IP, an accolade given to those who have made significant contributions to make the profession more inclusive for all.

Licks Attorneys was included in the yearbook “Análise Diversidade & Inclusão” by Análise Advocacia for the third consecutive year. In the 2023 edition we were chosen as a firm that invests in Diversity and Inclusion policies. We continuously work to build a more plural, multicultural, and humane environment for every member.

Licks Attorneys is a proud signatory of the United Nations Global Compact. Please click here to view an English version of our last annual report of July 2022 on our projects and engagement with UN Suistainable Development Goals. The original in Portuguese is also available here.

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