Professor Otavio Beaklini joins Licks Attorneys

October 1, 2015

Professor Otavio Beaklini joins Licks Attorneys

We are pleased to announce that Professor Otavio Beaklini, former Acting President and Commissioner of Patents of the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office, has joined the firm as a Patent Expert.

At the forefront of the Brazilian Intellectual Property field for over 30 years, Prof. Beaklini has built an impressive career at the BRPTO with a focus on Patent Prosecution.

Prof. Beaklini is renowned for his expertise as a Patent Examiner. During his long-lasting tenure at the BRPTO, he has also served as Head of the Civil Engineering Art Group and special assistant to the President of BRPTO.

He was a member of several Brazilian delegations before the WIPO. In addition, Prof. Beaklini was an active member of the group responsible for the regulation of the current Brazilian Patent Statute (Law 9279/96).

We welcome Professor Otavio Beaklini to our team as part of our constant efforts to expand our leadership in Intellectual Property prosecution and litigation.

Otavio Beaklini can be reached at:
+55 21 3550 3700 general
+55 21 3550 3738 direct

Join us for a Brazilian cocktail tasting and meet Prof. Beaklini in our lounge at the Sugarloaf, one of Rio de Janeiro’s top attractions, on October 14, Wednesday, from 5 pm to 7 pm.