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Roberta Carvalho

Telecommunications Engineer and Patent Specialist

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Roberta Neves is a Telecommunication Engineer and Patent Analyst who joined Licks Attorneys in 2020. Her competence and engineering expertise are in the fi eld of applied electromagnetics, focusing on research and development of high-frequency printed circuit boards. Roberta has also participated in national scientifi c conferences related to RF/Microwave technologies, Optical Communications, and Signal Processing.

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  • Portuguese
  • English
  • French
  • Japanese
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  • Master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Fluminense Federal University (UFF), 2020.
  • Bachelor of Telecommunications Engineering from Fluminense Federal University (UFF), 2017.
+ Publications
  • Carvalho, R.N.G., Carvalho, N.P., Magri, V. P. R. S., Matos, L.J., Ferreira,T.N. “Prototypes of Passive Filters and Dual Band Oscillators”Submitted at 18 SBMO - Brazilian Symposium on Microwave and Optoelectronics and 13 CBMAG - Brazilian Congress ofElectromagnetism (MOMAG), 2018.
  • Mota, V.L.G., Carvalho, R.N.G., Correa, C., Di Renna, R.B., Magri,V. P. R. S., Ferreira, T.N.,Castellanos, P., Matos, L.J. “Evolution ofMobile Phone Technology and Study and Characterization of a Fift hGeneration 5G Mobile System” Engevista, 2018.
  • Carvalho, R.N.G., Schaeff er, M.A.R., Magri, V. P. R. S., Matos, L.J.,Ferreira, T.N .“Characterization of frequency selective filter prototypes for LTE” Submitted at the 37th Brazilian Telecommunications Symposium- SBrT, 2019.
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