The Patent Experts Conference

The Naples Roundtable™ will conduct its 2016 Patent Experts Conference on the holiday weekend of February 13-15, 2016. The conference includes a sunset dinner cruise on February 13, a cocktail reception from 3-7pm on February 14, and a formal program from 8am to 4pm on Monday, February 15, 2016, concluding with an informal Chinese dinner that evening. Licks Attorneys is a platinum sponsor of the conference and our partner, Otto Licks, will speak during the third panel of the formal program called “Is innovation well served by the limitation on international patent exhaustion reflected in the result in Jazz Photo? To what extent do notions of copyright exhaustion shed light on issues of patent exhaustion?” These conferences will mark a radical departure from the classic lecture format CLE program. Instead, participation will be limited to recognized experts, and the conferences will be structured to facilitate free discussions and exchanges of ideas on the hottest patent law topics of the day. The Naples Roundtable™ is a newly formed corporation created by Hal Wegner, Terry Rea, Mike Dzwonczyk, and Andy Baluch, with the following list of the Advisory Board: HON. RICHARD LINN, CHAIR Robert A. Armitage William P. Atkins Andrew S. Baluch Michael R. Dzwonczyk Stanley E. Fisher Hon. Faith S. Hochberg Gary M. Hoffman Prof. Timothy Holbrook Hon. James F. Holderman Hon. Roger Hughes Hon. David J. Kappos Otto Licks Hon. John C. Lifland Dr. Shoichi Okuyama Hon. Kathleen M. O’Malley Richard L. Rainey Hon. Teresa Stanek Rea Prof. David. L. Schwartz Hon. Robert L. Stoll Teresa Summers Louis W. Tompros The Naples Roundtable™ is engaged in the advanced study of intellectual property law and policy, in fostering the exchange of ideas, viewpoints, and scholarly papers among leading jurists and practitioners in the intellectual property field, and in organizing conferences and other special events for selected invitees. The registration fee is $450. The Conference is by invitation only. More information here.

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