Brazilian Data Protection Act comes into force

September 18, 2020

Brazilian Data Protection Act comes into force
President Bolsonaro sanctions Law 14.058/20 without postponing the Data Protection Act

On September 18, 2020, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro enacted Provisional Measure #959/20 into Law 14.058/20.

In its initial version, Provisional Measure #959/20 proposed postponing the enforcement of the Brazilian Data Protection Act (“LGPD”) until May 3rd, 2021. However, Brazil’s Congress rejected this postponement.

Now, with the Provisional Measure enacted into Law 14.058/20, the LGPD is officially in force.

It is important to note that enforcement of administrative penalties provided for in the LGPD had previously been postponed to August 1st, 2021, by Law # 14,010/2020. This term was not modified by these latest events.

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