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The BRPTO published Rule #167/2016 governing fast-track request procedures for registration of Industrial Design of sports goods

June 21, 2016

Fast-track for Industrial Design registration of sportive goodsAs the Rio de Janeiro Olympics closes in and with over 10,000 pending industrial design applications, the BRPTO published today Rule #167/2016 to provide fast-track examination for sports goods filed before June 16, 2016.The procedure is simple. Applicants must submit a petition to the President of the BRPTO stating the number and filing date of each application by June 30, 2016 at the BRPTO headquarters. A decision on the acceptance of the fast-track will be issued within three days by the Board of Agreements, Geographic Indications and Register (DICIG)’s Coordination-General of Geographic Indications and Registers (CGIR), and this decision is subject to a decision by the President of the BRPTO.In addition, fast-track request rejections shall be published in the BRPTO Official Gazette (RPI) and are not subject to appeal.Licks Attorneys is ready to file your fast-track examination request of any kind and to provide additional patent prosecution services.Our firm has the largest patent litigation practice and can offer the complete range of services involving the acquisition, procurement, prosecution, enforcement and licensing of Intellectual Property rights in Brazil.Our success rate stands above competitors’ and we are involved in the most significant lawsuits in Brazil. We are the most proactive firm assisting clients to successfully fasttrack patent examination before the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office.The English version of Rule #167/2016 can be downloaded here.

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