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Bruna Luna

Patent Specialist

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Bruna Luna joined Licks Attorneys' Rio de Janeiro office as a Biology specialist in 2020. She has over 10 years' experience working with Plant Biology and Biotechnology. Her extensive background includes studies, analysis and researches of technologies in plant cell biology, agronomy and crop science. Bruna's IP practice focuses on a vast range of intellectual property matters, including the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in Brazil, based on the Brazilian Patent Statute, normative instructions and examination guidelines issued by the Brazilian PTO, as well as many international intellectual property treaties.

+ Languages
  • Portuguese
  • English
+ Practice Areas
  • Prosecution
  • Life Sciences
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+ Affiliations
  • Botanical Society of Brazil (SBB)
+ Education
  • Professional Training Course on Industrial Property, Level: Basics at ABAPI – Rio de Janeiro, 2021;
  • Advanced Course on Patents (DL-301), WIPO, 2020;
  • General Course on Intellectual Property (DL-101), WIPO, 2020;
  • Post-Doctoral Degree in Botany, Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden Research Institute (IPJBRJ), 2019;
  • Ph.D. in Botany, Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden Research Institute (IPJBRJ), 2017;
  • MSc in Botany, Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden Research Institute (IPJBRJ), 2013;
  • Bsc in Biology, Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO), 2011.
+ Publications
  • Reivindicações de produto por processo no Brasil: como obter reivindicações efetivas?, Decisor Brasil, 2023;
  • Product-by-process claims in Brazil: how to obtain effective claims?, Kluwer Patent Blog, 2023;
  • LUNA, B. N.; FREITAS, M.F.; DA SILVA, K.M.M; BARROS, C.F. Are the glandular trichomes in Jacquinia armillaris (Theophrastoideae-Primulaceae) salt glands?. PROTOPLASMA, v. 257, p. 863-870, 2020.
  • MOROZOWSKA, M.; FREITAS, MARIA DE F.; LUNA, B. N.; DE TONI, KAREN L. G. Comparative micromorphology and anatomy of seeds and endocarps of selected Primulaceae and their systematic implications. PLANT SYSTEMATICS AND EVOLUTION, v. 306, p. ---, 2020.
  • NOBREGA, L.P. ; DA SILVA, J.B; LUNA, B. N.; FERREIRA, B.G. Modulation of anatomical adaptations of leaves of Avicennia schaueriana (Acanthaceae) by a galling Meunieriella (Cecidomyiidae). FLORA, v. -, p. 151750, 2020.
  • CABRAL, J. B.; LUNA, B. N.; FREITAS, M. F.; GAMA, P. E.; BIZZO, H. R.; DEFAVERI, A.C.A.; SATO, A. Essential Oil Composition of Myrsine glazioviana Warm. And Myrsine squarrosa (Mez) M.F. Freitas & Kin.-Gouv. (Primulaceae). Journal of Essential Oil Bearing Plants, p. 1-8, 2019.
  • SILVA, K. M. M. ; LUNA, B. N. ; JOFFILY, A. ; PAIVA, S. R. ; BARROS, C. F. . Revealing the development of secretory structures in the leaves of Clusia fluminensis and Clusia lanceolata (Clusiaceae). FLORA, v. 256, p. 69-78, 2019.
  • ORNELLAS, THALES ; HEIDEN, GUSTAVO ; LUNA, B. N.; BARROS, CLAUDIA FRANCA . Comparative leaf anatomy of Baccharis (Asteraceae) from high-altitude grasslands in Brazil: taxonomic and ecological implications. Botany, v. 97, p. 615-626, 2019.
  • LUNA, B. N.; FREITAS, M. F.; BARROS, C. F. Systematic and phylogenetic implications of the wood anatomy of six Neotropical genera of Primulaceae. PLANT SYSTEMATICS AND EVOLUTION, v. 304, p. 775-791, 2018.
  • LUNA, B. N.; FREITAS, M.F.; BARROS, C.F. Diversity of leaf secretory structures in five Neotropical genera of Primulaceae: ecological aspects and evolutionary significance. BOTANY (OTTAWA. ONLINE), v. 97, p. 35-51, 2018.
  • FREITAS, M. F.; CARRIJO, T. T.; LUNA, B. N. Sinopse dos gêneros de Primulaceae no Brasil. Rodriguésia, v. 68, p. 129-142, 2017.
  • LUNA, B. N.; FREITAS, M. F.; BAAS, P.; DE TONI, K. L. G.; BARROS, C. F. Leaf Anatomy of Five Neotropical Genera of Primulaceae. International Journal of Plant Sciences, v. 178, p. 000-000, 2017.
  • FREITAS, M. F.; LUNA, B. N. Flora das cangas da Serra dos Carajás, Pará, Brasil: Primulaceae. Rodriguésia, v. 68, p. 1085-1090, 2017.
  • CORREA, A. L.; FRANCA, H. S.; TIETBOHL, L. A. C.; LUNA, B. N.; SANTOS, M. G.; FREITAS, M. F.; OLIVEIRA, A. P.; ROCHA, L. Volatile constituents of three Myrsine L. species from Brazil. Records of Natural Products, v. 11, p. 82-87, 2017.
  • FREITAS, M. F.; CARRIJO, T. T.; LUNA, B. N. Rediscovery of Cybianthus froelichii (Primulaceae), an endangered species from Brazil. Boletim do Museu de Biologia Mello Leitão, v. 36, p. 31-38, 2016.
  • LUNA, B. N.; DEFAVERI, A.C.E ; SATO, ALICE; BIZZO, H.R.; FREITAS, M.F.; BARROS, C.F. Leaf secretory tissues in Myrsine coriacea and Myrsine venosa (Primulaceae): ontogeny, morphology, and chemical composition of essential oils. Botany (Ottawa. Print), v. 92, p. 757-766, 2014.
  • LUNA, B. N.; CARRIJO, T. T.; FREITAS, M. F.; BARROS, C. F. Comparative leaf anatomy of neotropical Stylogyne species (Myrsinoideae - Primulaceae). Rodriguésia (Online), v. 64, p. 717-726, 2013.
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