Webinar - The impact of the Brazilian Supreme Court decision on the patent term

Otto Licks and Rob Rodrigues, partners at Licks Attorneys, will host the webinar: "The impact of the Supreme Court decision on the patent term" in partnership with Lexologia. The online event will take place, in English, on June 28 at 3 PM. The focus of the discussion is the historic decision of the Brazilian Supreme Court (STF) to declare unconstitutional the granting of patents with a minimum term of ten years from the grant date.  This decision impacted more than 30,000 applications and was retroactively modulated to affect existing patents in the pharmaceutical and healthcare fields.  The group will also address dysfunction at the BRPTO, highlighted by the STF decision and the need for the agency to review its practices. To learn more and sign up, please visit: https://www.lexology.com/Events/Details/9859

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