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Abinee holds seminar to discuss modernization of the Brazilian patent system

December 13, 2022

The Brazilian Electrical and Electronics Industry Association (Abinee) will hold this Friday (December 16), starting at 9:30 a.m. (BRT), the webinar “The development of the Brazilian patent system in light of Bill #2056/2022”. The event, which is supported by Licks Attorneys, is open to the public and can be accessed online through the Zoom platform. Registration can be done at:

Bill #2056/2022, authored by representative Alexis Fonteyne (Novo-SP), amends Statute #5,648, from 1970 (which created the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office - BRPTO) and Statute #9,279, from 1996 (the Brazilian Patent Statute), which regulates rights and obligations related to utility patents.

The measures suggested in the bill seek to modernize the Brazilian patent system, which is outdated compared to countries with which we compete globally. The efficiency in granting patents, which is the responsibility of the BRPTO, is directly linked to both the increase in research and innovation in the country and the investment in new factories and modern services not yet available in Brazil, both for the domestic market and for export.


Humberto Barbarto, president of Abinee, will open the webinar. Then, Otto Licks, founding partner of Licks Attorneys, will introduce the main points of Bill #2056/2022.

The seminar will be divided into four panels. The first of them, “The importance of the patent system for the information and communication technologies industry'', will bring together attorney at law Luis Felipe Salomão Filho, vice-president of the Specialized Committee for 5G, Technical Standards and Technological Innovation of Rio de Janeiro’s regional branch of the Brazilian BAR Association (OABRJ) and partner at Salomão, Kaiuca, Abrahão, Raposo e Cotta Advogados, and Zhijian Wu, IP director (Americas) at the Chinese multinational Huawei.

The second panel will address “The instruments of Bill #2056/2022 for the preservation of the exclusivity of Brazilian jurisdiction exercise by the judiciary at state and federal levels”, topics that will be debated by Celso Albuquerque, professor of Constitutional Law and member of the Research Group on Intellectual Property at UNIRIO, as well as Regional Public Prosecutor, and by attorney at law Rodolfo Barreto, coordinator of the OABRJ’s Specialized Committee for 5G, Technical Standards and Technological Innovation and partner at Licks Attorneys.

Then, Appellate Judge (ret.) Liliane Roriz, President of the OABRJ’s Specialized Committee for 5G, Technical Standards and Technological Innovation and partner at Licks Attorneys, will lead the third panel (“The practice of excluding third parties”). The fourth and final panel will discuss the “Consequences of including patented technologies in technology standards”, and will feature Ícaro Leonardo da Silva, IP director at Ericsson, and Carlos Aboim, partner at Licks Attorneys. Regis Arslanian, retired ambassador and partner at Licks Attorneys, will close the panel.

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