Bolsonaro as President: address to the Brazilian people on October 28 after his election

October 31, 2018

Bolsonaro as President: address to the Brazilian people on October 28 after his election
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You know the truth and the truth will free you.

I was never alone. I also felt God´s presence and the strength of the Brazilian people.

The prayers of men, women, children, enti re families, who are facing the threat that we follow a path that is not what Brazilians desire and deserve, put Brazil, our beloved Brazil, above everything.

I make you my witnesses that this government will be the defender of the Consti tuti on, democracy and freedom. This is not a promise of a party. This is not the worthless word of a man. It is an oath to God.

Truth will free this big country, and liberty will transform us into a great nation.

Trust was the beacon that guided us here and that will continue to lighten our way.

What happened today in the ballot-boxes was not the victory of a party, but the celebration of a country through freedom.

The engagement that we had with Brazilians was to make a decent government, exclusively committed to a country and our people – and I guarantee that this how it will be.

Our government will be composed of people that have the same aspiration than anyone who hears me now: the aspiration to transform our Brazil into a great, free and prosperous nation.

You can be certain that we will work day and night for this. Freedom is a fundamental: freedom to come and go, to walk in the streets, throughout the country, freedom to learn, political and religious freedom, freedom to inform and have an opinion. Freedom to make choices and be respected for them.

This the country of us all, Brazil by birth or by heart. A Brazil of diverse opinions, colors and orientations.

As a defender of freedom, I will lead a government that defends and protects the rights of the citizen that fulfills its duties and respects laws; they will be for all. This is how our government will be; constitutional and democratic.

I believe in the capacity of the Brazilian people, working honestly, that what we can do together – government and society – build a better future.

The future I am talking about I believe entails a government that creates conditions for all to grow. This means that the federal government will go a step back – reducing its structure and bureaucracy; cutting waste and privileges, so that people can make many steps forward.

Our government will break paradigms: we trust the people. We will de-bureaucratize, simplify and enable the citizen, the entrepreneur, to have more freedom to create and build its future.

We will “untie” Brazil.

Another paradigm that we will break: the government, in fact, the Federation. People live in municipalities; as such, federal resources will go directly from the central government to federated states and municipalities. We will put the Brazilian federation back on its feet. It is in this sense that we repeat we need more Brazil and less Brasilia.

A lot of what we are establishing in the present will bring achievements in the future. The seeds will be planted and watered for prosperity to be Brazilians’ plan in the present and the future. This will not be a government only responding to immediate necessities.

The reforms that we propose will enable the creation of a new future for Brazilians. And when I say this, I talk with the hand extended to the rubber tapper in the heart of the Amazon forest and the other to the entrepreneur sweating to create and develop its company. Because Brazilians of the south and of the north do not exist. We are all one country only, we are all one nation only!

A democratic nation!

The democratic state of law has as one of its pillars the right of ownership.

We reaffirm here the respect and defense of this constitutional and founding principle of the world’s democratic nations.

Employment, income and fiscal equilibrium: this is our commitment to come closer to opportunities and work for all.

We will break the vicious circle of growing debt, substituting it with the virtuous circle of lesser deficits, decreasing debts and lower interest rates.

This will stimulate investments, growth and consequently generate jobs. Primary public deficit needs to be eliminated as fast as possible and converted into surplus.

This is our objective.

To young people, one word from the bottom of my heart: you have lived a period of uncertainty and economic stagnation. You have been and are being tested to prove your capacity to resist. I promise that this will change. This is our mission. We will govern by looking after future generations and towards the next election.

We will free Brazil and Itamaraty from international relations based on ideological bias to which they were subjected to in the last years. Brazil will stop being separated from the most developed nations.

We will look for bilateral relations with countries that can add economic and technological value to Brazilian products. We will regain the international respect of our beloved Brazil.

During our four-year journey for Brazil, a sentence was repeated many times: “Bolsonaro, you are our hope.”

Each hug, each handshake, each word or demonstration of stimulation that we received on this journey strengthened our aspiration to put Brazil in the place it deserves.

Even in the most difficult moment of this journey, when, by the work of God and the medical team of Juiz de Fora, I won a new birth certificate, we did not loose the conviction that together we could get to this victory.

With this same conviction that I affirm: we are offering you a decent government, that will, really, work for all Brazilians.

We are a big country, and now we will together transform this country is a great nation. A free, democratic and prosperous nation!

Brazil above all, God above us all!