Brazilian PTO (BRPTO) reaches the limit of PPH requests in 2023

July 7, 2023

(BRPTO’s announcement of July 6, 2023)

The Brazilian PTO (BRPTO) has announced on July 6, 2023, that the limit of 800 requests of PPH (Patent Prosecution Highway) for 2023 was close to be reached. According to our Data collection team the limit was actually reached on that same day. Therefore, new PPH requests will not be accepted for the remainder of 2023.

The PPH program will resume in 2024.

Ordinance #78/2022 establishes that Phase IV of the PPH Program is restricted to 800 requests per year, considering all IPC sections. A new batch of 800 requests will be available starting January 1, 2024.

To read the official announcement made by the BRPTO, click here.

In case you wish further information on the BRPTO PPH program, please contact us at We will be glad to assist you.