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BRPTO’s Notice invites public comments from the public on patent examination draft guidelines by May 14, 2015

March 17, 2015

(Federal Register of March 16, 2015)The draft guidelines cover patentable subject matter, utility, industrial applicability, patent defeating prior art, inventive step and Markush and compositions claim language.Resigning Commissioner Otavio Brandelli issued a notice inviting public comments on “Guidelines for examining patent applications - Block II – Patentability”. This is the fifth invitation for public comments made by the BRPTO.Suggestions must be filed using the form provided by the BRPTO on its website and sent by e-mail to, by fax to number +55 21 3037-3638 or delivered in person to one of the BRPTO’s receptions, by May 14, 2015. The BRPTO will present the proposals received and the final text of the guidelines at a future date. The draft, which is the subject of the requested comments and the appropriate form for suggestions, can be downloaded from the links below:Guidelines for examining patent applications - Block II - Patentability (original version in Portuguese)Form Suggestions and Comments on Consultation - .doc version / .odt versionLicks Attorneys participate in the committees reviewing the guideline and will make more information available over the coming days.If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us at

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