Federal Justice of Rio de Janeiro (JFRJ) will have a fifth federal court specialized in industrial property starting September 1st

August 10, 2023

Rule #TRF2-RSP-2023/00033 was published this Wednesday (August 9), which, among other changes to the scope of the judicial organization, amended article 24, paragraph 1, of Rule #TRF2-RSP-2022/00107 to introduce the specialization of one more court for prosecuting and judging matters regarding industrial property underthe Judicial Section of Rio de Janeiro, including trademarks and patents.

By editing the new rule, the acting President of the Federal Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit (TRF2), Appellate Judge Guilherme Calmon Nogueira da Gama, has determined the redistribution of 1/3 of all the assets from the 9th and 31st Federal Courts in favor of the 12th Federal Court, including processes that were suspended and forwarded to the TRF2 for appellate review.

Effective from September 1st, Rule #TRF2-RSP-2023/00033 aligns with the recommendation of the National Council of Justice for all courts in the country, promoting increased specialization of courts. The Federal Judiciary of Rio de Janeiro will now encompass 5 courts with jurisdiction over social security and industrial and intellectual property, bringing greater equalization, technicality, and swiftness in resolving complex legal matters.

Rule #TRF2-RSP-2023/00033 can be accessed in full here.