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The Brazilian PTO (BRPTO) issues Normative Instruction #74/2017 on procedures related to computer programs registration and the electronic filing of applications

(BRPTO’s IP gazette of September 5th, 2017)The BRPTO published today, September 5th, 2017, Normative Instruction #74/2017 which establishes that the registration of computer programs will be requested exclusively by means of the electronic form e-RPC.According to article 2, ¶1 of Normative Instruction #74/2017, the applicant will have the entire responsibility for guarding the confidential information and for its transformation in hash summary. The identification of the hash function or algorithm used to encrypt the confidential information and the text of the hash summary resulting from the cited algorithm adopted as authentication element shall be submitted to the BRPTO via e-RPC form. The information previously submitted in paper format are still required and includes: the applicant, author and attorney data, power of attorney, proof of payment of the o icial fee, among others.Additionally, a Statement of Truth document is required to fulfill the filing requirements. This document must be digitally signed by the applicant or the corresponding attorney and attached in PDF format to the form e-RPC. The Statement of Truth can be signed by a single applicant, in case there are co-applicants. The Power of Attorney must be digitally signed by the applicant or its legal representative, if required.All the signatures must be digitally certified by the ICP-Brasil, except for applicants that do not reside in Brazil, which may present a digital certificate not issued by the ICP-Brasil. The digital certification process must be in accordance to the type of person the applicant is, i.e. natural or legal person.The e-RPC system will validate the electronic form by checking if all the requirements have been met. If some irregularity is detected, the petition will not be recognized and processed by the BRPTO.Computer Program Registrations requested prior to this Normative Instruction by physical means, which are still pending, but in a regular situation, will have their corresponding registration certificate issued. If the application is not in a regular situation, the Brazilian PTO will issue an O ice Action informing the reason the application has not been recognized.Normative Instruction #74/2017 shall be e ective as of September 12, 2017.The original Portuguese version of Normative Instruction #74/2017 is available here. The English version will be available soon. For more information, please contact

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