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The Brazilian sector of cosmetics, personal care products and perfumes becomes more dynamic with the implementation of a new regulation

February 23, 2015

The Brazilian Food and Drug Administration (ANVISA) published on the Official Gazette of February 11, 2015, Resolution RDC #07/2015, which updates the rules concerning the technical requirements for the regularization of cosmetic and personal care products, as well as perfumes. This new resolution is the result of discussions occurred during the meeting of the Collegiate Board of the ANVISA (DICOL) on January 14, 2015.The aim of such measure is to simplify and accelerate the necessary proceedings for the regularization and subsequent commercialization of the concerned products in Brazil. These measures will allow the sector of these products to become economically more dynamic, since it will enable the ANVISA to analyse only the products presenting a higher risk to the health.In this sense, the products covered by the Resolution are now exempted from the registration proceeding before the ANVISA, and only subject to prior communication to the Agency of the intention to commercialize a product discharged from registry. Nevertheless, products classified as tanners, hair straightening products, sunscreen, insect repellent, antiseptic hand gel and children’s products are still subject to the analysis and registration proceeding before the ANVISA, as they are of a higher risk to the health.This Resolution does not alter safety parameters and requirements for cosmetics, personal care products and perfume. The safety control of these products will be carried out through periodic and random verification of processes, as well as market surveys, including the verification and analysis of the products available to consumers on market shelves.At last, another major change brought by this Resolution concerns the implementation of an electronic proceeding for the regularization of the covered products, which will be done through the website of the ANVISA. The regularization of products exempted from registration will be disclosed on its website. On another hand, the regularization of products subject to registry will still be published on the Official Gazette.Resolution RDC #07/2015 will enter into force 15 (fifteen) days after its publication.For a full English and/or French version of the concerned Resolution and for more complete assessment of its impact and provisions, please contact

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