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The Leaders League guide recognized Licks Attorneys as a Top Law Firm in Brazil

May 31, 2016

The Leaders League guide of Innovation Technology & Intellectual Property 2016 recognized Licks Attorneys as 'EXCELLENT' in the 2016 Ranking of the Top Law Firms in Brazil - IP Litigation and ranked Licks Attorneys as 'HIGHLY RECOMMENDED' in the 2016 Ranking of the Best Law Firms in Brazil - Technology & Digital Services.The firm was acknowledged as a “HIGH-STAKES LITIGATION FIRM WITH EMPHASIS ON PATENTS - regularly involved in headlines cases, especially in the technological patents and pharma patents fields. The team is known for its unique go-getter attitude that often leads them to tackling unprecedented situations. The firm handles all Uber’s strategic litigation cases, and has extensive experience in advising Internet related businesses and Mobile Apps. Market feedback also underlines Licks Attorneys’ expertise in Food and Drug Law cases.”For more details about Leaders League, please click here.

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