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Agrochemicals debated in Brazilian Senate

On June 12th, a debate about the “Importance of governmental politics on industrial property to fight against the negative impacts of agrobusiness”, requested by Senator Lasier Martins (Podemos/RS), was organized in the Senate by the Commission of Agriculture and Agrarian reform (CRA).  

Panelists discussed the negative impacts of the chemical industry on agrobusiness, as well as the need to modernize the Brazilian agriculture and the possibility for generic pesticides to reduce the costs of national production.  

Participants also highlighted the influence of system of industrial property (IP) over various sectors of the economy, and mechanisms safeguarding the IP system are motors for innovation and development. The IP system thus needs to adapt its legal framework to fit new reality of the country’s industrial sector.  

They mentioned the importance of reducing the patent backlog, and more specifically the backlog per examiner leading to delays in evaluations. The average time for analysis is ten years, which affects competitiveness. The BRPTO must hence be strengthened as an institution to increase its productivity and should continue taking steps in this regard.