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BRPTO's President presents his vision for the Institution

On March 27, the Brazilian Intellectual Property Association (ABPI) organized a meeting with Claudio Vilar Furtado, BRPTO’s new president.

At the occasion, Mr. Furtado presented his vision for the office and how it will be managed.

The BRPTO president began his speech stating that he intends to maintain the implementation of the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan, initiated by former president Luiz Otavio Pimentel. For him, one of the institute's major problems lies in its highly bureaucratic and unnecessarily complex structural organization. In order to tackle this problem, Mr. Furtado affirmed that he intends to install a "modern administration" culture within the institution.

Following this new orientation, strategic task forces will be implemented and coordinated by managers named by Mr. Furtado. They will be responsible for the projects’ results, which will include evaluations from the Director of Strategic Planning as well as peer-to-peer evaluations. In addition, there is an intention to set up a committee in the form of an Advisory Board, made up of representatives of the BRPTO major stakeholders. According to the President, there is currently no need to increase the number of examiners.

Regarding current BRPTO's partnerships, Mr. Furtado stated that he intends to maintain and expand PPH programs. Currently, the BRPTO has PPH projects with the USPTO, PROSUR, JPO, EPO, SIPO and UKIPO. In addition, it is expected that the entire institute’s technological base will be duly prepared by July to incorporate the necessary requirements from the Ministry of Economy for the entry in the Madrid System. Finally, a partnership project with Brazilian innovation clusters will be implemented to encoure the increase of patent applications and registrations of new Brazilian brands.