Licks Attorneys assists clients to achieve business goals by providing advice that aligns legal experience with strategic advocacy. We have developed a unique approach combining industry knowledge, legal thinking, and policy making expertise. We work across the globe for our national and international clients. We work closely with foreign governments, public agencies and intergovernmental organizations in charge of the global protection of IP, as well as develop partnerships with enterprises and business associations. By operating in different sectors, we can deliver a holistic positioning for your company.

Our team has a unique background and policy perspective. Among our leadership we have a Brazilian Ambassador and experienced members to help companies and industries break down barriers nationally and internationally, resolve challenges posed by agencies and politicians. We comprehend the industry and understand the impact that legislation changes and administrative acts can have. We help clients to follow complex topics that can impact financial and business decisions.

We can help commercial and corporate clients with matters including raising their company profile with legislators, complex contractual negotiations, advocacy and litigation, understanding legislative agendas, appealing to stakeholders, strategic policy advice, regulatory development advice, risk management, and compliance.

At Licks Attorneys, we don’t just solve problems we anticipate issues before they arise and help clients plan accordingly. We have partners around the world and offices in Brazil and Tokyo to help in the pursuit of achieving the best results for our clients.

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