We are no stranger to high-stakes disputes. Clients turn to us for assistance with their most complex legal issues. We successfully represent clients ranging from small companies to Fortune 500 corporations in matters before the Brazilian courts, the Brazilian FCC (ANATEL), Federal Government, and Department of Transportation.

We have the largest practice representing patent owners enforcing Standard Essential Patents in Brazil. With a favourable track-record of obtaining injunctive reliefs and enforcement measures against unwilling licensees.

We develop legal and regulatory frameworks for companies seeking to solidify and expand their markets, including: spectrum procurement; 5G infrastructure; autonomous vehicle regulatory requirements; commercial wireless technology standards; E911 and other public safety requirements; and broadband deployment to residential and commercial buildings.

Given our vast experience in, we can guide national and international companies towards introducing new products and services. Our attorneys stay ahead of the ever-changing regulatory regimes in this area, and we understand how legislation changes depending on both long and short-term political and economic concerns.

As mobile and wireless technology expands across Brazil at an unprecedented rate, our clients face increasingly complicated legal questions on everything from cell phone apps to in-vehicle technology. We are fully aware of how regulatory matters and legal protocols affect product development, safety testing and data protection issues.

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