Our award-winning intellectual property practice, combined with our vast experience in corporate law, licensing and commercial transactions, are a unique combination for a Brazilian law firm, acknowledged as top-notch by our clients in the media & entertainment industry.

We have been successfully representing Brazilian and international companies in internal and external marketing and advertising campaigns. We assist our clients to ensure that the use of any materials and audiovisual works in their daily operations are duly authorized and cleared, preventing any third-party liabilities.

We assist artists and their successors managing their portfolio of intellectual property and image rights, negotiating deals with record labels, film producers, TV channels, video on demand and streaming.  We also help clients in the music industry navigate collective management entities.
In the tourism sector, we handle the trademark portfolio and image rights of famous Brazilian landmarks.

We represent athletes, digital influencers and sports marketing companies in sponsorship, advertising, image and naming rights agreements, focusing on the best business arrangements for all parties involved.

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