BRPTO latest efforts on harmonization and Fighting the backlog

January 17, 2024

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The Brazilian PTO announced on January 05, 2024, that the new 2024 version of the International Patent Classification (IPC) is now available at the PTO’s website ( - Portuguese version).

It is important to note that patent applications are classified according to the IPC standard and the classification is periodically changed to accommodate the evolution and development of new technologies.

The new IPC 2024 has 1,936 modified groups, with 338 new subdivisions along with the reformulation of 511 groups. Additionally, 29 symbols were deleted, 37 groups were created and included therein, in addition to other several modifications, which a compilation thereof can be consulted in the above provided link to the BRPTO’s website.

The BRPTO’s also highlighted, from all the modifications, the publication of groups B01J35 related to catalyst properties and G06T3 related to geometric image transformations. The BRPTO also stated that the review of these two IPC groups were coordinated by the Institute at WIPO.

The Brazilian PTO announced on January 11, 2024, that the Institute in now part of the Global Brand Database (GBD), the online database for trademarks of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This goal was established in the Brazilian Strategic Plan for 2023-2026, published by the BRPTO on March 27, 2023.

The Institute highlighted that the GBD portal is available in more than ten languages and can be accessed now also in Portuguese through the link

The Brazilian PTO highlighted that more than five million trademark processes that are being processed or have already been processed at the BRPTO were made available on the cited database. It was also stated that the data will be updated weekly including information regarding the filing of oppositions.

Again, the Brazilian PTO is demonstrating its commitment to the Strategic Plan defined for 2023-206 and we believe that the modernization of the Institute will definitely bring new bright horizons for Intellectual Property in Brazil in the upcoming years.

Also in January 10, 2024, the BRPTO published its new Communication and Technology Information Plan (PDTIC) for the 2024-2026 biennium, with actions and goals aligned with the Institute's latest Strategic Planning.

PDTIC is an instrument that establishes guidelines and objectives focused on current internal needs and challenges for the Institute, aiming to boost technological development and promote digital transformation in communication and technology information operations.

This biennium challenges are mainly directed to the management of the necessary resources for the production and maintenance of the solutions needed by the BRPTO.

Among several core values established by the PDTIC, the BRPTO highlighted communication, efficiency, continuity in the long term, transparency, reliability, internal cooperation, sustainability, innovation. Additionally, it is also planned the strategic objectives of promote effective results and efficient procedures through ICT solutions, provide services digitally, ensure high availability of electronic services for users external and internal, maintain and evolve ICT Governance, provide and evolve adequate and responsive ICT infrastructure, maintain and evolve Information Security, promote training, acquisitions, hiring and collaborations that update technical capacity in ICT solutions, and promote efficient planning and execution of resources budgets.

Additionally, since September 2023, that BRPTO is trying to hire 120 new examiners.

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